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Strategic Playbook

Operational strategy for achieving your goals

The Strategic Playbook defines the operational challenges that must be overcome for your goals to be met, the strategy for overcoming those challenges and the plan for implementing the change initiatives. The Strategic Playbook answers a mix of the following key questions:

  • How is our culture hampering our ability to meet our goals?

  • What shifts in roles and responsibilities are necessary to implement needed changes?

  • What is the right mix of insourced versus outsourced resources to meet our goals?

  • How do we leverage outsourced resources to gain maximum value for the investment?

  • How do we scale our staff to meet our targets?

  • How should we measure the effectiveness of our staff and how should those measures be communicated within and outside of the function?

  • What processes are creating hurdles to meeting our goals?

  • How should we change our work processes to meet our goals while remaining compliant?

  • How can our teams work differently to achieve greater results without increasing staffing levels?

  • How can we align multiple groups to operate seamlessly between geographies and functions to meet our goals?

  • How should we measure the efficiency and compliance level of our work processes to understand if we are on track for meeting our goals?


  • How is information technology creating stumbling blocks to achieving our goals?

  • What changes to our current information technology need to be made to support our revised processes and allow us to meet our goals?

  • What, if any, new information technology do we need?

    Should we be looking to commercially available software to meet our needs or looking to build a solution?

  • How long will it take and how much will it cost to implement the information technology we need to meet our goals?

Leading to a mix of change initiatives
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