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Medical affairs’ role continues to transform and increase in prominence. Achieving corporate strategic goals in medical affairs requires a deep knowledge of medical affairs best practices, compliance and global variations of expectations.


With pioneering experience in medical affairs operations, Pharma Initiatives helps our clients achieve their medical affairs goals efficiently, compliantly and measurably. Examples of our work in medical affairs include:

Medical Affairs – Examples

  • Created a new approach for delivering greater value to the organization through impactful medical affairs field insights by shifting focus from information to intelligence by providing greater context and a clearer process.


  • Developed and implemented a suite of innovative medical affairs metrics for both field and corporate functions, including the use of NPS to measure scientific relationships.


  • Led the merger of two medical affairs functions post-acquisition, including creating a new organization structure that eliminated duplicate capabilities by re-tasking high-skilled resources, identifying and leveraging best practices from both organizations and harmonizing the working procedures. Took advantage of pioneering use of nurse-educators by the smaller organization to increase outreach in the new organization while lowering costs of field force by 20%.


  • Developed multi-company REMS infrastructure for the support of a national REMS program.


  • Created the strategy for a global medical affairs organization structure of a top-three pharmaceutical company to ensure consistent capabilities, compliance and range of services across all geographies, including field medical teams, med-comm and med-information.


  • Conducted an outsourcing versus insourcing analysis for a medical affairs leader who needed to add a new field medical team, recommended a hybrid model for rapid launch with longer term staff acquisition following key milestones, assisted in outsourcing vendor selection and negotiating key terms of the outsourcing agreement leading to a rapid field force startup of 10 weeks.


  • Developed medical information function to support the launch of a treatment in a new therapeutic area for a midsized biotechnology company, saving 50% of the costs of outsourcing the function as originally planned.


  • Created new processes for field medical personnel to assist in their effective interactions with their access and reimbursement peers for a top-20 pharmaceutical company, leading to a 75% increase in medical affairs involvement in formulary committee presentations.


  • Created the medical affairs functional development plan for a small biotech, seamlessly transitioning from external consultant support to internal, Medical Director-driven, medical affairs leadership in less than 12 weeks.


  • Built and deployed medical affairs metrics for a midsized biotech company to create linkage between medical affairs activities and the team’s strategic goals.  Metrics included both quantitative effort metrics and qualitative impact metrics.


  • Helped define the needs for key opinion leader relationship management software, analyzed the available marketplace for solutions, selected the best solution and implemented the solution in record time for a midsized pharmaceutical company.


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