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Change Initiatives

With Strategic Playbook in hand, Pharma Initiatives implements and embeds the changes necessary to achieve results. Pharma Initiatives implements a mix of different change initiatives for its clients:


  • Organizational Structure Design and Staffing Levels


  • Role, Responsibilities, RACI and Position Description Development


  • Outsourcing Process, Vendor Selection and Management


  • Culture Change through Leadership Coaching and Education


  • Metrics and Incentives Implementation

  • Process Optimization and Process Redesign


  • Process Documentation, including Work Flows, SOPs and Guidance Documents


  • Process Quality Assurance


  • Process Management Systems


  • Information Technology Requirements Definition


  • Information Technology System Evaluation and Selection


  • Information Technology Remediation and Improvement Programs


  • Implementation Planning and Management


  • Failing Implementation Rescue


All supported by a common, fundamental approach
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