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A Top-20 pharmaceutical company:


  • Company-wide support for access and reimbursement was a strategic priority for this organization.


  • Medical Affairs leadership had a strategic goal to provide more effective scientific leadership to access and reimbursement.


  • The company retained Pharma Initiatives to develop a Strategic Playbook to achieve its goal.


Medical Affairs – Case Study

The recommendations in the Strategic Playbook leading to a 75% improvement in MA support for formulary meetings and a 50% increase in access and reimbursement involvement in post marketing research included:


  • Creating a specialized field medical team dedicated to access and reimbursement access with enhanced training on market access issues, presentation skills and objection handling. Developed a set of metrics for this group that reflected the importance of partnering with access and reimbursement.


  • Enhancing the collection of scientific insights from key opinion leaders to more effectively communicate relevant information to access and reimbursement through process changes for field medical by educating all field force staff on the importance of market access and the types of insights most valued by the access and reimbursement teams.


  • Building more effective partnerships with access and reimbursement for the development of post-marketing research by changing processes and roles to include a much more active engagement in protocol design and study structure.


Embedding the changes recommended in the Strategic Playbook led to:


  • Organization Structure and Staffing: Creating a specialized field medical sub-team with enhanced knowledge of access and reimbursement requirements and issues.


  • Process Development: Creating new operating procedures for the specialized field medical sub-team to ensure that they executed their access and reimbursement responsibilities while remaining compliant.


  • Process Optimization: Modifying general field medical processes to improve the identification and distribution of insights to access and reimbursement; modifying the protocol development process for post-marketing studies to improve engagement with access and reimbursement.


  • Training:  Developing and conducting training on the new roles and processes necessary to support the organization and process changes.


Medical Affairs leaders at a large pharmaceutical company had a strategic goal to more effectively engage with access and reimbursement.


PI created a Strategic Playbook that included recommendations for a new field organization, modified processes for the existing field force to better share insights, and a new approach to post-marketing research.


Then PI and the client partnered to implement the Strategic Playbook and achieve the organization's goals including a 75% increase in MA support of formulary presentations and a 50% increase in access and reimbursement involvement in post-marketing research.

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