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Medical Affairs Operations Consultant Clinical Development Operations Consultant

The operational challenges in global pharma are complex, requiring strategic clarity, rapid execution and compliance awareness. There is no time for on-the-job learning.


Pharma Initiatives has the experience to take immediate ownership of your biggest challenges, define a best-in-class solution and drive to results.

Our deep domain knowledge allows us to establish pharma-specific operational strategies aligning the people, processes and IT elements that must work in concert within the compliance framework for a successful change and real results for our clients.

All of our work has a common, fundamental change management methodology at its core — based on the philosophy that people will support what they create.


Embedding change within pharma is difficult people are naturally change resistant. But experience has shown that people will embrace change that they and their peers understand and are engaged in developing.

Areas of Focus


Pharma Initiatives has decades of experience creating the strategic direction and operational infrastructure needed to consistently achieve goals in clinical development.

With pioneering experience in medical affairs operations, Pharma Initiatives helps our clients achieve their medical affairs goals efficiently, compliantly and measurably. 

Pharma Initiatives has supported dozens of clients in building commercial operations to deliver needed results.

Recent News from PI

Central Monitoring: a Practical Guide Webinar
Implementing Central Monitoring is difficult. In this webinar we share our best practices for successful Central Monitoring. Whether you insource or fully outsource, engaging in Central Monitoring correctly is the key to gaining value from all the risk based quality management time and effort your teams have invested.

Risk Based Quality Management Successful Implementation Webinar

Pharma Initiatives and Rho, Inc. presented a webinar on the successful implementation of E6R(2) Risk Based Quality Management. Click the link above to be taken to the video of the webinar.

Exception From Informed Consent: 7 Keys to EFIC Success Webinar

Exception From Informed Consent (EFIC) studies have a distinct and challenging set of regulatory guidelines. This webinar discusses how to successfully execute an EFIC study. Click the link above to be taken to the video of the webinar.

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